As The Days Grow Longer

We've past the solstice and the days are slowly growing brighter longer. We are also noticing a shift in temperatures, although, I see that many of you are still in the deep throes of winter.

This winter has been mild, with a cold snap here and there, but nothing major. As much as I am glad not to have snow, having shoveled my share in the past, it is worrisome when we go a length of time without precipitation. Please, please, rain or snow, we'll take it.

Sometime in the beginning of December I checked out on technology/media other than Instagram. I needed to just BE with my family, and be with me. I did do a lot of reading, of the weaving kind!

I've been struggling to find time to be with my camera, but finally carved out time to photograph my woven key fobs and opened my etsy shop! And I've been sampling, studying and taking notes on weaving. I've wanted to keep a notebook, for instance, when I look at the tablet-woven bands I've made, I have no idea what I've done. Fourty pages of notes have been written so far!

Intermesh Samples

I'm still sampling Intermesh (lol, I'm still sampling a whole lotta techniques). I want to come up with a project that will really show off the double-sided nature of the fabric. I've settled on a guitar strap, but need to decide on a pattern that I will enjoy.

Backstrap-woven small bag in progress, with Yurt Band Motif

I have been sampling ALOT, and feeling the need to make a small project. I joined the ravelry backstrap weaving group weave-along for the Olympics. I decided on a cell phone bag. I had my heart set on doing a tubular woven edge, but I'm not quite confident yet that it'll come out looking all that great. I made an Inkle loom band that ended up too short for a strap, so I am working on another one!


Finally, I started looking at the Weaver's Journal PDFs that are available online. You must take a peek at these! I have started with the tutorial on Andean Crossed Warp Techniques for Woven Trim and I love the weaving. It's done by finger manipulation, and the instructions were a bit mind boggling at first, but I figured it out.

In the book this is called pebble weave but I consider this speckled background.

I've been working my way thru the Inkle Weavers Directory and I will share some sample photos. I can tell you, I did not like doing Monk's Cloth at all, and will most likely never try it again. It's so funny how some weaves resonate, and some don't!

I also think we also underestimate how beautiful plain weave really is. It's fun to do complicated pick up patterns, but sometimes my favorites just end up being plain weave.

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