3 Color Pick Up Weave


The finished guitar strap.

Something new and exciting has come along for small loom weavers, the beautiful 3 Color Pick Up Weave!

Woven with the second draft option.

My love of this weave actually started with this sash by Annie MacHale. There was something just a little different about it, I could see that there were 3 colors, but I couldn't quite grasp how it was made.

Over the weekend Annie published her tutorial on how to do 3 Color Pick Up Weave. The design possibilities are ENDLESS! Included in the tutorial are two different kinds of drafts and a video, which is awesome, seeing the weave in action.

This type of threading comes from a small province in Zanavykija, Lithuania. There are very few examples of this weave in one book about Lithuanian Sashes, and maybe one or two examples on the internet other than Annie's blog. It's a very rare weave not often seen.

So here are just a few samples that I have to share:

Woven in wool, with the first draft option.
First draft option.
First draft option.

For the guitar strap I just went for it, no pattern ideas in my head, I just started picking up and this is what I came up with. The only rules I had was the colors be unisex as I didn't know what was going to become of this band. My husband saw it and decided it was a keeper, and had to be a guitar strap!

Hop on over to Annie's blog (linked above) to read more about her tutorial, and the tutorial is available on Etsy (also linked above). I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

Lastly, the details! Woven on an inkle loom, 3 colors of cotton yarn, width 2", and length 49". I used a brown leather fob kit (from Annie) to finish it off!


Greek Key Pick Up Draft

key fob with greek key pick up
key fob with greek key pick up

Last week I published my Wristlet Tutorial on Etsy and I had a request about the woven band I used in the video tutorial. My inspiration for this pattern comes from my weaver friend Annie MacHale. With her permission I will post my draft here and you will need to visit her blog for the instructions.

Please note that this draft may or may not come out at 1" wide. It's a discussion that all of us have, how to weave to a specific size. The kicker is every weaver can warp on the same amount of yarn and each of us will get a different width. For instance, I weave using a backstrap set up or inkle loom, and when I set up the same project on each loom not only is my width different, my PPI (picks per inch) are different.

H = heddle shed, O = open shed
H = heddle shed, O = open shed

My advice is just to practice. It's taken me years of weaving with the same exact brands of yarns to be able to come close to guessing a predicted width. Also don't try to force the above pattern to fit 1", find where your 1" is, then add or subtract warps to the selvedge. It's a real bummer to weave to someone else's rhythm, find your own!

Lastly, the pick up sequence occurs with the 7 dark green and 6 yellow warps in the center of the draft.

Please visit Annie's blog by clicking here, not only does she have the written instructions there's also a video.

If you make anything with this draft, I would LOVE, LOVE to see your work. Email me rabbitbrushstudio at yahoo dot com or visit my Facebook and post your picture there!



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