Sampling With Weaving

After such a long time being away, I wrote a blog post this morning on my iPad using a blogger app. I saved it online, took a peek at it once more, only to come back now to insert photos, and poof, it's gone! Not using that app again.....

Instead, I'll leave you with a quick photo. I've been a sampling fool these days. One of my samples is an inkle-woven band with a tablet-woven edge. I originally loaded one card z-twist and the other s-twist, but didn't liked it, so I flipped the s-card to z-twist and wove turning the cards away.

Tablet woven edged Inkle band sampler

A lot of fun, and really intense when you have a toddler into his alphabet, trying to read and yank on the tablets/cards. If you don't know what tablets are, you will think this all sounds crazy. I will try to include a photo on the next post!
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