Wristlet Tutorial Done!

how to make a wristlet key fob
how to make a wristlet key fob

Hey folks! I think I might be making my way back to my creative pursuits. As many of you know, I often say "maybe" because of these two cuties below:

We had a series of medical issues at the start of the summer that had me stepping away from crafting. I was able to finish a few started projects, and I made a sash at the last minute that went to state fair (more on that in another blog post soon), but otherwise I had to basically stop all extracurricular activities! It's all good now, or I should say stable, so I'm going to try to do some catch up.

Often, I would post a photo of a key fob I made and people would ask me how I made it. Unfortunately I would give "half" answers. Mostly because it took me a couple years to get them just perfect! I really admire a well woven fabric, but if it's not put together beautifully it makes a so-so project.

I decided it was time to make my first online tutorial for sale with all my tricks and tips. Key fobs make wonderful gifts. I've also donated a few for auction, and happily they get the right amount of bids for their worth! You can make key fobs for guys, gals and kids, just by changing the colors!

The most exciting part for me is making fobs from inkle-woven, tablet-woven, and backstrap-woven bands. What ever your weaving style/method, you can turn it into a fob! In fact, I am guessing you could make key fobs from webbing or fabric too.

Aside, from the PDF tutorial, I decided to include a video that really shows the whole process from beginning to end. I was really nervous, because it was the first time I put together a video like this, but it's gotten great reviews. Whew!

The tutorial includes:

Part One: Supplies & Written Instructions

Part Two: Photo Tutorial With Written Instructions

Part Three: Resources & Links

Part Four: Instruction To Access An Online Video (9:18 minutes)

Part Five: Tips On Weaving Bands For Key Fobs

What I decided not to include is how to weave! But I do offer suggestions about how to go about planning for weaving specific sizes based off my experiences.

Please enjoy the tutorial, and even better, send me a photo of your finished product. I would love, love to see what you end up making!

At this time, the tutorial is only available at Etsy, and it's instant download!

I am slowly working on another tutorial, and this time it'll be about weaving, so stay tuned for that some time in the near future.


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