Meandering Tablet Weaving

Note: this draft of a blog post has been sitting for quite some time. These bands were done in August or earlier, and some have been sold already. I wanted to add links, but I unfortunately can't find the time! We've been back and forth to the hospital with both my sons, and sadly my oldest is still in there :( I've become completely unreliable at doing anything in a timely manner! But my sons are worth it!

I keep waiting for a "break" from my daily happenings. And I do get a few here and there, and I quickly set up my backstrap tablet weaving project to weave a few rows. But both my kiddos have the cold virus with croup. We've never had croup before, and wow, it's terrible. So weaving time is out. I hope to catch up on reading, writing back, and a couple blog posts that have been sitting in draft for awhile.

Morning Weaving the first of my images that I saw at Pinterest! Whoop!

I thought I better get this blog post started because, for the first time, someone pinned one of my images to Pinterest. I hadn't started pinning my images yet, for I didn't think I had enough readers, but two individuals actually shared my photo on Facebook, one person I don't know, but I am sending a thank you to Annie for sharing (as I suspect that may have led to pinning, lol!).

But before I get into the details, I have to tell you I was about to give up on Facebook, for my weaving and my personal page. I don't want to install another app for messaging, and I rarely use the laptop/home computer (I would have to wait on line for a turn, lol). I've stopped using twitter (need to delete that permanently) because I could not figure out how to "use" it. I made my Instagram account private, as I watched Instagram delete people's for apparently no reason, and now I rarely accept new people unless I recognize their name from somewhere. Generally, I find Facebook a time waster (no offense), but there is one group that saved me from giving up.

The Historical Tablet Weaving Group is, well, downright awesome. Most everyone is a happy bunch, and it is fantastic seeing everyone's weaving and learning. And if you're looking to weave something historical accurate in certain time period, this is a great place to start.

Anyway, that's about it for my technical updated! Almost everyone is done with their withdrawal from me cutting off the cable tv in our home!

.kivrim/running dog.

I wanted to actively start doing what I call two-pack tablet weaving. One pack moves one direction, the other moves in the opposite. What better place to start than with Kivrim (I affectionately call it meandering) and Rams Horn variations. And wow, the sky is the limit for patterns on the internet.

.running dog/kivrim, in wool.
.running dog/kivrim, in cotton.

I started with a basic Kivrim often called Running Dog. Then I moved onto the classic Rams Horn, and then it's variations. I used this opportunity to sample the following yarns: size 10 crochet cotton, sabanilla weight churro wool, Shetland fingering weight wool, peruvian fingering weight wool. Out of all these yarns, the Shetland did not work out for me on my Inkle loom. And yes, all of these were done on Inkle.

The surprise for me was adapting a John Mullarkey variation, and, wow, it came out spectacular. This was not something I could have predicated, and this is the band that is now floating around the web. This band will be available as a key fob shortly.

What I learned: I love doing two-pack weaving!

And lastly, if you become a member of TWIST, there are a wonderful selection of articles and drafts available.


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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm so glad to see your weaving again. Such amazing and beautiful weaving. I'm so, so sorry to hear your boys have not been well. May they both be much better soon.


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