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Yarn Along 11/6/2013 

I am nearing the end of this project! It has taken me a bit longer to finish than I wanted, but not because of the pattern or knitting. Finding time to sit and knit has been challenging! Mostly, I've been working on it when I get together with the girls to knit. I have about 10 rows to go, finishing the picot edge on the other side of the cowl (the top).

Yarn Along 11/6/2013 

The pattern is Willow Cowl and I can finally tell you what the yarn is: Studio June Yarn, Eight Bells, 100% superwash Merino, 8 ply heavy fingering weight, color TRUE NORTH. I feel like I bought this yarn at the Loopy Eve in Colorado, but I am not entirely sure. I am loving this colorway! I did alter the pattern a bit, thinking I wouldn't have enough yarn, but I now see I could have done the extra rounds, and just made it.

Yarn Along 11/6/2013

I am still reading the same book, and probably will for awhile. I am chugging my way thru a manual of sorts that I will talk about next week (smile).

Yarn Along 11/6/2013 

Finally it has turned cool here in New Mexico, but we still need to prep our heater. We wait until we can't stand it anymore, and that time is nearing. At 3 am we are starting to find it chilly, and it wakes one of my sons up!

Joining Ginny over at the yarn along.....

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  1. Greetings Kim!
    I discovered you through IG & followed your link to here! Love your knitting & this particular piece has all of "my" colors in it! I've dropped off of the bloggers universe as IG makes it ever~so quick & easy for a photographer to shoot & post (and I don't ave to write much)! I'm thrilled I've found you & look forward to staying in touch via IG & Etsy...and hopefully here! XO Nancy


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