Nalbinding and Change

The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 has been a whopper. I can't say that anything has been "bad", but difficult might describe it better. I have had to summon an extreme amount of patience, with the occasional melt down, but it the end, it reinforced the changes I've been working on for some time were appropriate, and well, needed.

But first, a beautiful picture! I had a friend come in from the east coast (who is now moving to the west coast). Seeing her did tremendous things for my heart. I love you dearly B and I can't wait for the opportunity for a road trip to see you. We went for some hiking, I'd never been to Bandelier, so here is a beauty taken at dusk. I wished I'd had a different camera lens with me, as this shot is narrow.

And because I'm (lazy), I'm not editing any of my photos, just don't have the time right now.


So what's all this talk about? Change? Pretty much for the past 3 years I've been on a declutter mission. I kind of don't like that word, declutter, it's kind of trendy right now. I used to call it "yard sale" or "let's get rid of some things" but after not one but two neuro-diverse diagnoses in our home, decluttering on multiple levels had to happen. And wow, it did make a difference.

So I committed fully at the beginning of the year to continue. But now I was getting down to the stuff that needed contemplation. Honestly, I am sick of cleaning stuff that just sits around and has no function. I do love beautiful things, but if I had a choice between my boys or dusting, I am choosing my boys. Also the hard decision came to selling some of my fiber arts equipment that I just was not using. So, yeah, it's gone. Most of the stuff I have is portable, but I did keep my rug loom, and a navajo weaving loom.

Then something happened that devastated me completely for a week or so, until I blocked it out. I had to think about it again last week as I sent it off for assessment. And I cried,

Every two weeks I back up everything on to an external hard drive. And in my "rushing" I didn't put the drive back in the safe.

My little guy, picked it up, and dropped it in a bucket of mop water.

15 years of digital files gone. Yup, every single picture. Baby pictures, everything. Years of genealogy work. GONE.

The photos and the genealogy stuff really was the only stuff that mattered. Our whole music library was on there too, but that is "replaceable".

All I can say is IMPERMANENCE.

And to keep it going, some of my online accounts were hacked, had to spend a week changing all those freaking passwords. And last week my brand new iphone just died. Everything on there, GONE.

What I am choosing to think is FRESH START.

Okay, so enough whining.

I see I have some catch up of projects. I decided I had to go all crazy and make a pair of nalbind socks in November last year. Knee high nalbinding! Mammen Stitch (Finnish Stitch 2+1). This was my first project in nalbinding. I wished I'd done a different type of heel. Worsted weight wool yarn. I will need to make a pair of garters for them. Who says only reenactors get to wear garters! I will be wearing these under my jeans!



nalbinding - socks

So that's it for now! Not my usual packed with details kind of post, but at least some pictures!
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